Our Promise

The simple pleasures of our childhood have never left us. Giggles in the school yard, sharing our tiffins – even picnics in the park with homemade cakes. Those carefree days of unbridled joy, naive innocence, and abundant love. 

As we grow, we lose this innocence in a web of complexities. We forget the sound of the school bell that dictated our life; the sight of the playground that made us giddy with excitement; the smells that wafted out of the kitchen of our childhood home; and the tastes that dictated our childhood, deeply ingrained in our soul. Every bite, guilt free. 

At Soul Treats by Sara, we take you back home.

Every single school day, we carried a steel dabba packed with our lunch to school. Our packaging – Desserts in a Tin – is an ode to these dabbas that embody our childhood. 

Everything that comes out of our kitchen is freshly made, with the care and attention of a loved one. Our food is organic and contains no preservatives, made in kitchenware that not only enhances its taste but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We promise you a simple, locally-sourced, reusable dabba, filled with organic ingredients that come together beautifully.

We promise you wholesome. Comforting. Home. 

We promise you treats made for your soul.

Every bite, guilt free.