About Me


Born in the hills of Nepal and raised in the chaos of Mumbai, Sara of Soul Treats is a wanderer. She moved to London in 2017, and spent a few years working in boutique coffee houses and tea shops in the city to understand the culture and palate of yet another cosmopolitan city. She finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of mastering the art of pastry at Le Cordon Bleu (London). As a classically trained pâtisserie chef, Sara’s delicacies are an exquisite combination of innovation and simplicity. She brings a traditionally Indian twist to timeless recipes that transcend cultural boundaries, thus bringing a fusion of flavours to the streets of London. She believes in food that transports, food made with love – food for the soul.

As a small business owner herself, Sara understands the struggles; she spends her time supporting other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to contribute to their family income by sharing her art, her skills with them.